Using OpenShift

OpenShift Training

Using the tool

Teaching Goals :

  • You understand the different components of OpenShift
  • You know how to deploy an application in OpenShift
  • You know the best practices regarding the development of an application on an OpenShift platform

Prerequisites :
Master the basic concepts of Docker

Recommended for:


System administrators

DevOps Engineers

Duration of a session :
2 days (7hours/day)

Day 1


  • Goals
  • Introduction
  • Kubernetes
  • OpenShift

First Steps

  • Goals
  • Practice environment
  • Web interface (dashboard)
  • OC Client
  • How to log myself
  • The objects
  • YAML
  • Summary

The Run objects

  • The projects
  • Deployment of a test application
  • The roads
  • The services
  • The labels
  • The pods

The Build objects

  • The imageStream
  • The buildconfig


Day 2

The configuration objects

  • The configmaps
  • The secrets
  • Summary

The triggers

  • The triggers : config change
  • The triggers : Image change
  • The webhooks
  • Summary

Advanced Usage

  • The templates
  • The links OpenShift<>Jenkins
  • The account services
  • How to debug it


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Pricing on demand

Objectif Libre is a private professional training organization registered under registration number 73 31 05467 31.

Professional trainings, always…

  • Taught by our own experts who work on projects, contribute to the Open Source communities… hence are able to highlight theory with actual cases
  • Focused on hands-on use and practice: theoretical teachings, designed to help you understand principles and thinking, consistently come with specific practice
  • Accompanied by support material in electronic format, given to students at the beginning of the course

Training for all skills

  • We offer training sessions for all skill levels on each of our expertise domains, all including an implementation of the tackled technologies.

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