OpenStack Course : Setup

Setup of OpenStack

OpenStack Course

Teaching goals:

  • You master the cloud computing concepts
  • You understand the OpenStack components
  • You are able to create and manage your own cloud with OpenStack

Linux knowledge (shell commands)

Virtualization basis

System administrators

Solution architects

3 days (21 hours)

Day 1

What is Cloud Computing?

  • Private Cloud/Public Cloud
  • Functionalities
  • Glossary


  • Project background
  • Creation
  • Overall architecture and components

Managing Identities: Keystone

  • Keystone concepts
  • About users, projects and roles
  • Set­up and configuration

Managing images: Glance

  • Glance concepts
  • Managing image storage and related file systems
  • Set­up and configuration

Day 2

Managing the network: Neutron

  • Neutron concepts
  • The  ML2/Open vSwitch plugin
  • Set­up and configuration

Managing computation: Nova

  • Nova and Nova­compute concepts
  • Managing instances
  • Managing multiple hypervisors (kvm, lxc)
  • Set­up and configuration

Managing data volumes: Cinder

  • Cinder concepts
  • Backends
  • Set­up and configuration

Storage infrastructure: Swift

  • Swift concepts
  • Managing storage
  • Set­up and configuration

Graphical dashboard: Horizon

  • Horizon concepts
  • Set­up and configuration

Day 3

Managing metrics: Ceilometer

  • Ceilometer concepts (Metrics, Multi­Publisher, Alarming)
  • Types of collectors and agents
  • Coupling with Heat for adaptation depending on resource usage
  • Set­up and configuration


  • Heat concepts
  • HOT: the Heat template language
  • Set­up and configuration

Tools to make optimum useof the cloud

  • cloud­init: automatic instance configuration (data, files)
  • Puppet: centralized configuration management

7-8-9th November 2018 in StockholmEnglish session

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2300 € per trainee (VAT excluded)

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