Kubernetes: using k8s

Using the orchestration tool

Kubernetes Course

Teaching goals:

  • You know how to deploy applications on a Kubernetes platform
  • You are able to daily use Kubernetes to manage your production containers
  • You know how to react in case of problem
  • You know how to deploy a clustered application

Bases of Linux systems administration

Docker knowledge


System administrators

DevOps Engineers

2 days (14 hours)

Day 1

Kubernetes project presentation
• Architecture
• Overview
• Integration with underlying platforms

Kubernetes objects
• Base objects
• Pods
• Services
• Volumes

Internal objects
• ReplicaSets
• Deployments
• StatefulSets
• DaemonSets
• Jobs

First steps
• Accessing the web interface
• Installing and using Kubectl
• Deploying a pod
• Creating a deployment from a YAML file

Day 2

Basic usage
• Creating a persistent volume
• Creating a deployment
• Exposing a deployment using internal services
• Exposing a deployment to the outside world
• Best practices

Advanced usages
• Deploying a StateFul application
• Programming a job

• Accessing containers logs
• Debugging techniques

12-13th November 2018 in StockholmEnglish session

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1800 € per trainee (VAT excluded)

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  • Focused on hands-on use and practice: theoretical teachings, designed to help you understand principles and thinking, consistently come with specific practice
  • Accompanied by support material in electronic format, given to students at the beginning of the course

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