Kubernetes: Setup

Deployment of the orchestration tool

Kubernetes Course

Teaching goals:

  • You know how to deploy a production-ready Kubernetes platform
  • You understand how the Kubernetes components work
  • You are able to create and generate your own containers platform

Having had he “usage” course

Or very good knowledge of Kubernetes basic concepts


System administrators

DevOps Engineers

2 days (14 hours)

Day 1

Kubernetes presentation
• Project history
• Architecture

Access management
• Authentication management
• Access control configuration (RBAC)

Kubernetes deployment
• Certificates management
• Masters and nodes deployment
• Additional services deployment (Dashboard, DNS, network plugin)

High Availability
• Kubernetes components HA setup

• How to use NetworkPolicy objects to filter network traffic
• HTTP load-balancer (Ingress) deployment

Day 2

• Presentation of existing storage drivers
• Storage volume management

Logs management
• How to query and store containers logs
• How to query and store Kubernetes logs

• Kubernetes monitoring tools presentation
◦ Heapster, cadvisor and dashboard
• Prometheus

Next steps…
• Presentation of some useful resources for Kubernetes
• Presentation of Kubernetes installation tools

If you want detailed information about our training sessions, please contact us directly.

If you want detailed information about our training sessions, please contact us directly.

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