CloudKitty : the Open Source cloud rating component

Companies expect that migration to cloud will downsize their infrastructure costs.


Is it a reality ?


  • Are you able today to real-time follow your private cloud costs, as virtual machines launch and stop?
  • Do end-users understand these stakes and do they adopt good practices in their cloud usage?
  • How can you better follow and control these costs ?


These were the central questions that aimed us to launch CloudKitty, the first and only full-Open Source tool enabling rating and chargeback for clouds.

cloukitty modules

High standards of modularity & compatibility

CloudKitty is an official OpenStack component

  • Developed according to OpenStack guidelines and Best Practices
  • Simple interfacing with Gnocchi, Monasca and Prometheus projects APIs for metric collection
  • Administrator and end-user interfaces integrated into Horizon

As an official OpenStack project, CloudKitty is developed under Apache2.0 licence.

CloudKitty interfaces with other software or tools

  • Collection and processing of input data from market software
  • Reports and output data available in formats that can be used by market software
  • Output formats can be customized

4 modularity levels

  • Collection: Telemetry OpenStack projects being the standard collectors, CloudKitty is also designed to access other collectors or enable multi-active collectors.
  • Pricing policy: CloudKitty offers several pricing modules. Other modules can also be created to achieve the required pricing policy.
  • Output format: CloudKitty offers a native JSON output format, as well as other formats such as DB.
  • Reports storage: CloudKitty can be instructed to write output files onto one or several media: File, Swift Object, Ceph Object, etc.

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Who’s CloudKitty for?

For IT Managers

  • Define and apply your pricing policy
  • Give end-users the right tool to predict and track their usage

For Publishers

  • Charge for use any application or SaaS solution,
  • On hybrid/multi cloud infrastructures…

For Cloud Providers

  • Charge usage for all types of clouds
  • Address each of your clients – CloudKitty is natively multi-scope
  • Analyze data from OpenStack and more

Objectif Libre, Developer and Maintainer of CloudKitty

As CloudKitty creator and main contributor, Objectif Libre supports you with the implementation and management of your infrastructure, all the way down to usage rating.

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OpenStack Summit conferences:

 Tokyo 2015

 Austin 2016

 Boston 2017

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