Puppet Course: Setup

Puppet Setup (fundamentals)

Puppet Course

Teaching goals:

  • You will have discovered the basis of automatic configuration
  • You will know how to set up Puppet to manage an heterogeneous IT stock
  • You will know how to use tools to improve your Puppet usage

Linux systems basic knowledge

System administrators and system engineers

3 days (21 hours)

Day 1

Puppet Presentation

  • Automated and centralized configuration principles
  • A brief history of Puppet


  • Setting up
  • Managing certificates and the Puppet client/server model
  • puppetmaster concept
  • agent concept

Day 2

Puppet language

  • classes
  • modules
  • inheritance
  • resources
  • templates
  • environments

Puppet classes

  • Purpose
  • Internal structure
  • Parametrized classes

Day 3

Puppet modules

  • Purpose
  • Internal structure

Additional tools

  • Using Facter
  • Using Mcollective

Sum­up exercices

  • Setting­up and configuring Apache
  • Deploying OwnCloud
  • Encapsulating the configuration into a role

If you want detailed information about our training sessions, please contact us directly.

If you want detailed information about our training sessions, please contact us directly.

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  • Accompanied by support material in electronic format, given to students at the beginning of the course

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