Docker: Deploy your applications

Deploy your applications with Docker

Containers course

Teaching goals:

  • You know how to use and manage your docker containers
  • You know how to run an application inside a Docker container
  • You understand how to take advantage of Docker easy­-deployment for your production environment

Basic knowledge of the Linux command line

System administrators

Application developers

2 days (14 hours)

Day 1

Docker concepts and architecture Docker in production

  • Project history
  • Presentation and components
  • Pros / Cons with a full virtualization architecture
  • Client­server architecture
  • Container, image and registry

First steps with Docker

  • Launch of a container
  • Working with a running container
  • Managing containers

Managing images

  • Images creation based on a container state
  • Dockerfile usage to automate the images creation Advanced use
  • Build your images and share them on the Docker Hub or on a local registry

Managing data volumes

  • Volume addition to a container
  • Re­affectation and volumes sharing application
  • Mounting of a host directory as a volume
  • Best practice: data_container pattern

Network et and link between containers

  • Network modes proposed by Docker
  • Direct link and inheritance
  • Exposure of network port

Day 2

Docker in production

  • Containers automatic launch at starting­up
  • Limiting the container memory and CPU
  • Managing High Availability and fail­over
  • Managing backups
  • Managing logs

Dockerise your own application

  • Preparation
  • Dockerfile working concepts
  • Dockerfile creation, useful directives
  • Best and Worst Practices
  • Many daemons in a single container using Supervisord

Advanced use

  • Creating your costumed image base
  • Using Docker Inspect
  • Creating your own registry with Docker Registry
  • Advanced network: Docker limitations and solutions
  • Docker Compose: managing a multi­container application

If you want detailed information about our training sessions, please contact us directly.

If you want detailed information about our training sessions, please contact us directly.

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  • Focused on hands-on use and practice: theoretical teachings, designed to help you understand principles and thinking, consistently come with specific practice
  • Accompanied by support material in electronic format, given to students at the beginning of the course

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