Ansible Course: Setting up Ansible

Setting up Ansible

Ansible Course

Teaching goals:

  • You understand the architecture of Ansible (role, task, playbook, module,…)
  • You know how to set­up Ansible
  • You are able to use and create playbooks to manage your infrastructure

Basic knowledge of Linux systems

System administrators

2 days (14 hours)

Day 1

Introduction to Ansible

  • Introduction to the centralized configuration
  • Ansible’s specific concepts
  • Comparison with other solutions (Puppet/Chef/SaltStack)

Setting up Ansible

  • Installation
  • Initial configuration
  • Ansible CLI
  • Managing the access with SSH and sudo
  • Settling the inventory

Usage of the main ad­hoc modules

  • shell / command
  • service
  • yum / apt

Ansible playbooks

  • Interest
  • Syntax and YAML
  • ansible­playbook comman
  • Defining (tasks)
  • Notifications and handlers

Creation of reusable code

  • Definition and usage of variables
  • The roles notion

Day 2

Usage of additional modules and roles

  • user/group
  • MySQL
  • Modules for managing cloud infrastructure (ec2/openstack)
  • Finding more roles on Galaxy

Ansible language

  • Variables
  • Facts
  • Loops
  • Conditions
  • Inclusions
  • « pre » and « post »tasks
  • Best practices

Templates (jinja2)

  • Basic syntax
  • Tests, conditions and loops
  • Filters

Going further

  • Develop your own modules
  • Creation of jinja2 filters
  • Ansible Tower: the GUI

24-25th October 2018 in Stockholm

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1500 € per trainee (VAT excluded)

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