Docker & containers

Containers: speed-up your devs

Isolation >> versioning is lighter and more agile

Modularity >> scaling is easier to manage by executing additional containers

Performance >> performance can be compared to bare-metal one

Portability >> same environment for developments / tests / production for easier and faster migrations

Docker Member

Our expertise

Our consultants can assist you in your containers projects.

Infrastructure audit

Applications and migration strategies setup.

Architecture design

micro-services applications design

Decision making

tools choice: orchestration, containers management…

Development chains setup

continuous Integration / continuous Development

Containers integration

Integration of infrastructure, processes to your IT, incl. OpenStack clouds

Change management

Practices analysis, processus-making, skills leveraging…

Teams trainings

for all levels, on-demand trainings, coaching

Why you should work with us

Trust real experts

> We have been exploring Docker since 2014 and we are now member of Docker Partner Program

> We have the experience of successful projects with customers

> We are involved in national R&D projects with Docker inside

> We run tests and technological exploration in our own lab

> We already have more than 120 people trained on Docker – and very happy with that if you read their testimonials here

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