Cloud Automated Release

Taking the opportunity of the OpenStack Summit which opens today in Berlin, Objectif Libre is proud to announce the official release of its OpenStack cloud automation solution called “Build & Lifecycle Manager. This tool, based on Ansible, aims at simplifying the deployment and updates of OpenStack clouds – community version.

Customizable for each customer environment, this tool is entirely born from the expertise of the Objectif Libre’s consultants, and is maintained according to OpenStack versions. Hence, customers can benefit from updates and functional upgrades from the company’s OpenStack experts.

Through an annual subscription, this offer includes:

  • The provisionning of the tool on customers’ repositories to deploy OpenStack Cloud, in a version following the community releases biannual cycle.
    The tool, based on Ansible, automatically deploys the main APIs of OpenStack: the 8 core APIs as well as more than 10 other of the most interesting, including Ironic, Designate, Manila, Octavia…
  • The OpenStack version upgrades, allowing the customer to make up to 2 OpenStack upgrades per year, fully automated and tested;
  • The access to the new features developed by our R&D teams: the addition of new APIs, the integration of new functionalities, the updates of installation and operating documentation…

The Build & Lifecycle Management is based on an Ansible Playbook entirely developed by our team.

The advantages over existing solutions (community playbook or other automation solutions like Puppet):

  • it is perfectly mastered by the R&D teams of Objectif Libre;
  • it is not necessary to install a specific tool beforehand, since it can be launched like an Ansible Playbook;
  • based on Ansible, it is simple and easy to understand and to handle;
  • customers can modify it (adding APIs, packages, etc.), these features being integrated to the tool and perfectly supported by our teams.

The deployment of a classic platform is done in less than 20 minutes and this tool allows to deploy complex platforms.

Among the features already under development, we can mention the deployment of OpenStack APIs into containers.

Objectif Libre’s historical customers in France, some of whom have even entrusted the exploitation of their OpenStack platform to Objectif Libre, already benefit from this offer.