logo-CloudKittyIt‘s only one-year-old… however, CloudKitty has already joined the Big Tent and becomes an official OpenStack project.

This is kind of a success for Objectif Libre, the French SME specialized in OpenSource infrastructures that created the project.


As a reminder, CloudKitty is the only full-Open Source tool that enables to follow-up and apply rating policies on OpenStack cloud usage. CloudKitty was launched 1 year ago and encountered a huge success in the different OpenStack Summits around the world.


That enthusiasm is now rewarded with CloudKitty entering the prestigious list of OpenStack ‘Big Tent’ projects.


For Christophe Sauthier, CEO & founder of Objectif Libre:Christophe-Sauthier

‘Big Tent’ really means ‘Big Pride’ for all Objectif Libre members who have been working hard on this project for month.

Being part of official OpenStack projects will lead our solution to get more visible and better-spread throughout the community, customers and prospects.

The strong interest around CloudKitty since a few month is confirmed and we are delighted about that.


Basically, this will be key for Objectif Libre to achieve their goals.

  • Spread more widely in the OpenStack ecosystem with specific sessions in the coming OpenStack Summits. These sessions, opened for ops and devs, are organized both in workshops or design sessions. All developers will be able to participate to CloudKitty’s construction.
  • Recruit new developers into the community to speed up the project
  • Accelerate the adoption phase of the solution into customers premises, namely large accounts. Indeed, being part of official projects is key for components quality and durability.



Stéphane Albert, DevOps consultant and OpenStack expert at Objectif Libre, has been strongly involved since the very beginning of the project and has logically been appointed “PTL” (Project Technical Leader).


As a PTL, he has to follow-up and monitor developments, and to organize the developers contributions.


CloudKitty in a few words

CloudKitty is a modular tool developed as an OpenStack component, which means:

  • Full respect of OpenStack Best Practices and development patterns
  • Simple interfacing with Ceilometer’s API to get back OpenStack cloud metrics
  • IT manager and user interfaces integrated into Horizon


Like other OpenStack modules, CloudKitty is an Open Source component under Apache2.0 license and fully developed in Python.


CloudKitty even interfaces beyond OpenStack: it’s possible to collect and exploit input data from other resources, to get reports and data available in formats that can be used by other market software or to customize output data with additional extensions.


CloudKitty’s first release

The first official release has been published a few weeks ago, with some very interesting new features:

  • Keaystone V3 compatibility
  • Rating modules that can be customized and more flexible management policies
  • Sacability improvement


Next release is already on the road, with of course a focus on OpenStack’s Liberty compatiblity.


Learn more about CloudKitty: