A dynamic company



Year of creation

+ 300 %

3 year growth



15 %

revenues invested in R&D every year

Février 2019 – Objectif Libre rejoint LINKBYNET

Finaliste du Fast50Deloitte 2015, 2016, 2017

Juillet 2017 – Finaliste des Trophées EuroCloud / CloudWeek Paris

Juin 2017 – Certification DataDock

Janvier 2017 – Début du projet FUI Wolphin 2.0

Christophe Sauthier Prix de l’Entrepreneur Open Source de l’Année 2016

2015 – Certification COA des consultants

Juillet 2015 – CloudKitty entre dans la ‘Big Tent’ OpenStack

Mars 2015 – Ouverture de l’agence Objectif Libre Paris

Juin 2014 – Lancement des Packs Starter OpenStack

2012 – 1ère contribution à OpenStack

2009 – Création d’Objectif Libre

An innovation-focused company

Innovation is a cornerstone of the company and relies on the Open Source enthusiasts composing the team.

All our consultants are fervent DevOps believers and master (and daily apply) all new development means : continuous development, Agile, …

We work in environments that combine Python development and integration with Puppet, Ansible, Docker, KVM and, obviously, OpenStack.

We are involved in major national research projects and take part of French innovation initiatives as : la Mêlée Digitale, Digital Place, FrenchTech Toulouse, Systematic Paris (GTLL), …

Our core values : sharing, sharing... and sharing

  • Listening to your needs, answering with appropriate solutions and fulfilling your requirements: we are an independent firm
  • We train you so that you get the best part of our skills: we share our know-how, enabling you to be self-sufficient

Contributing to the Open Source software programs we integrate is firmly embedded in our DNA.

  • We are a major OpenStack contributors worldwide
  • we created CloudKitty in Open Source
  • We actively take part to Free Software groups : SoLibre, GTLL, April, OpenStack-fr, …

Libre is the French for Free, as in Free Software.

  • To provide our clients with the freedom to work with the solutions they have chosen
  • To offer our clients interoperability and reversibility, unfailingly

Working in the Open Source environment means

… enjoying high-quality, innovative software

… more flexibility thanks to open code which can be adapted as needed

… reduced spending with proprietary vendors and enhanced systems

… more innovation and future prospects for your business